1000 Artisan Textiles

Linda Beach will have several works included in the upcoming book "1000 Artisan Textiles" which will feature contemporary fiber art, quilts and wearables. The title from Quarry Books will be available through Amazon in May, 2010.

High Fiber

Kathie Cook has been invited by the San Jose Quilt Museum to display her work in the upcoming show "High Fiber Under Five" which will be on display October 30 - November 8. The quilts pictured are from her Portals Series - Portal 4, Piazza, Doorways of Italy and Portal 5, Urban which was inspired by the Getty Museum. All of Kathie's pieces are hand pieced and hand quilted. For more information go to www.sjquiltmuseum.org .

Ascension - Exploring the Art of Denali

"Ascension - Exploring the Art of Denali" is currently on display at the University of Alaska Museum of the North, Fairbanks. Works from the Artist-in-Residence Program of Denali National Park & Preserve as well as objects from the UAMN's fine arts, ethnology, and history collections to tell the story of Denali and explore the connection between the art and science of Denali. Past SAQA members who have served as an Artist-in-Residence include Ree Nancarrow, Linda Beach and Karin Franzen. For more information contact http://www.alaskageographic.org/ .

500 Art Quilts

Images of two quilts by Nelda Warkentin will be included in the upcoming publication, "500 Art Quilts", due to be released by Lark Books in Spring 2010.

"In Praise of Green....and Other Colors"

At the North Wall Gallery in the Sheldon Community Arts Hangar in downtown Talkeetna, the exhibition "In Praise of Green.....and Other Colors" features the work of Julia March Crocetto. According to the Denali Arts Council "watercolors merge with fibers in this show of colorful exploration. Julia has been using various surface design techniques to combine painting and fibers; resulting in abstracts, landscapes and even mobiles. Known for her wearable scarves, this show will be a departure, taking her silk paintings to a new level. Texture is a major part of the focus, with works that hang on the walls and in the air."

The exhibition will be on display from October 10 thru November 10. For further information contact http://www.denaliartscouncil.org/.

Photo: "Cranberry and Poplar", French dye on silk Habutai