Updates and the Iditarod Challenge

Cat says the votes are in and people would prefer to wait until May for our next meeting (which will be both in person and online).  In the interim, she still urge all of us to create something for the SAQA Auction. 

As a warm up exercise, consider "The Iditarod Challenge"!  Cindy Shake just shared a link to this quilt challenge organized by the Quilted Raven in Anchorage.  The deadline is February 25, quilts must be 12" high by 10" wide, and the theme is, you guessed it, the Iditarod.   Further details are at:

And thinking of challenges, what other Alaska events could inspire a theme for a quilt?  Are there festivals, commemorations or other special happenings in your part of the State we could look ahead to planning a quilt challenge around? 

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