Z. Denise Gallup- Mandorla Show at IGCA

Girdwood based artist and AK SAQA member Z. Denise Gallup had a beautiful show in March at the International Gallery of Contemporary Art in Anchorage, Alaska. 

The show was called Mandorla: Where Two Opposites Meet to Form New Ground

Here are some images from that show along with notes from Z's artist statement. 

Mandorla is Italian for “almond nut.” The shape is found in nature, mathematics and in religious iconography, but it is also a curious psychological and metaphysical construct. 

It is the shape formed when two circles overlap.

It is the tension between two opposites.

Techniques include disperse dyes, collage, serigraphy with dye and ink, foiling, dye discharge, painting, monoprinting and of course stitching. 

All stitched wall pieces and sculptural pieces consist of various hand-dyed, hand-printed fabrics, a few commercial fabrics, all machine stitched. 

All framed works are mixed media consisting of gouache, watercolor, charcoal, pastel, hand-printed and dyed fabrics plus hand stitching.

If you are an Alaska SAQA member, we would love to share what you did in 2014 on this blog. Please contact Maria Shell mariashell4@gmail.com with photos and information.

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