AK SAQA March 2017 Meeting

Jan Wallace, Diane Melms, Bonny Rivera, Carrie Payne, Kate Beebe, Rebecca Starry, Jeannie Bench and Gail Ramsey were all in attendance at the March 2017 Alaska SAQA meeting.

The Alaska SAQA Regional Member's Show at the Girdwood Center for Visual ArtsBonny was impressed with the site and the art presented. Carrie reported no negative comments about the SAQA show. Show closes on March 30, 2017, and we can pick up the pieces then or at the next SAQA meeting from Carrie. Members need to coordinate with Carrie for pickup if either of these two options don’t work. Thanks from the group to Carrie for making all of this happen.

Art Cloth North III at Blue Hollomon Gallery
This is a juried show, AK SAQA members can submit up to three pieces for consideration.  Pieces should be examples of your voice as an artist. Proposals will be due late summer (mid-August?). A complete application will include the following--head shot of artist, photos of submissions, and an artist statement. Work is not to have been shown in Anchorage (Girdwood is OK). Must meet SAQA definition of art quilt.

Prepping Quilts for HangingThe standard is a 4” pocket for hanging slat, usually need to include hanging rod/slat, Australia requires bag to hold everything (including packing material). Type of rod? Flats better since round rods often negatively affect the hang/drape of the quilt; if wood is used, cover it with an acrylic based sealer to prevent wood from damaging fibers; can use cheap yardstick or ruler. Conceal the rod as much as possible, even painting ends to match quilt; suggestion that if quilt is to be sold, include everything that will be needed to hang it in the home/office; when rolling quilts, normally roll bottom to top and suggested that face of the quilt should be on the outside of the roll to reduce small wrinkles on the face.

Diane reported on her Homer show and had a slide show of the Bunnell Street Art Center with quilts hung.

Jan Wallace reported on her visit to the Visions Art Museum in San Diego. Exhibit included show of works by Susan Else as well as two juried shows of member works. Their process of selecting member works includes frequently checking member websites to select items that fit into a theme or are of interest – they make requests of members as desired. 

Jan reported that she will have a show at Kaladi’s in Soldotna during the month of April.

Kate showed some thread work using wash away stabilizer.

Diane showed a hand painted/stamped/dyed quilt that didn’t make it into the Bunnell show.

Carrie showed several small quilts, one of which will go to SAQA for thier auction.

Bonny showed a quilt of birch trees to be displayed in her show at Doriola’s in July. 

This led to discussion on different techniques for quilting of “layered” quilts to allow for textures to stand out.

There as a group discussion on ways to handle circular and “non-square” quilts. Ideas included using floral wire, round collapsible fans with wire rims, etc.

Jan Wallace reminded us of the art show at the Kenai Fine Arts studio. Entries due by May 27 and she is planning to be at the SAQA meeting on May 9 and can take them down if desired. She informed us that the Center is having a wearable arts show in November.

Gail reported that she is submitting designs for a Row by Row quilt at Quilted Raven and showed photos. 

We hope you will join us for our next meeting which is scheduled for Tuesday April 11 from 10AM -12NOON at the Kaladi Brothers on Brayton.

This blog post was prepared from notes taken by Carrie Payne.

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