Quarterly Meeting Recap and a Word from Your New Blog-Mistress

About half a dozen of us had a good meeting on Tuesday evening.  Two of us attended via the internet magic of 'Go-to-Meeting'; the others were assembled at the Energy Center.

Linda Beach, our Co-Representative, is stepping down at the end of the year.  She and Cat Larrea asked that all members consider assuming the responsibility of Co-Rep.  Living in Anchorage is not a requirement, and it's a great way to get to know SAQA members both regionally and nationally.  Contact Cat if you are interested in the job or would like more information.

After everyone enjoyed sharing recent accomplishments and work in progress, we kicked around ideas for a regional creative project, something that would bring us together across the state.  Our next meeting will probably be held in early February, 2011.
Work in progress at my studio in November

And now a word from your new Blog Mistress:  When Cat and Linda announced that a new blog administrator was being sought, I was immediately interested.  Living in isolated Petersburg on Mitkof Island in Southeast, starting my own blog a little less than a year ago has provided a rich way for me to connect with other artists all over the world.  I want build stronger ties to my fellow AK Region SAQA members, and hope to get to know you and your work through managing our blog.

Do you have a show coming up?  Are you teaching or taking a class?  Have you got a new art book or technique you want to share?  Have you seen a great art exhibit somewhere your travels have taken you?  What’s on your design wall?   Get the word out through our SAQA Alaska Region blog.  Email me with your photos – maximum file size 1mb per image – and stories.  I would love to post something new every week!


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